Forming an inspirational value chain and extraordinary business mainstay, WORKSPACE EXPO puts an intense effort undertaking the process of presenting unrivaled workspace projects & workplace design solutions, business setting and much more.

WORKSPACE EXPO strategic mission is to generate the perfect bond amongst the workspace real-estate developers & design concept makers and solutions providers in the business complex  community by means of staging top-notch project management tactics and context to bring corporates, investors, and coworkers under one roof to develop better workspace communities.


WORKSPACE EXPO has crystal clear vision is to position itself as the premier and only specialized workspace projects & design solutions exhibition in Egypt and the entire Arab African region, with a customer-centric focus pinpointing out-of-the-box workspaces projects and design solutions, whilst keeping all commercial side well-versed.

WORKSPACE EXPO will continue to create benefits and matchless success grounds with criteria reinforced by exceptional performance patterns in the field of workspace projects, designs, and design solutions, as well as smart workplace technologies and office well-being.


  • Highlight recent & new mega workspace projects.
  • Create WORKSPACE design business culture; within comprehensive, exclusive, cost effective and high-performance practices. 
  • Stimulate innovations; promoting new ideas and efficient workspace smart solutions
  • Promote new methods of workspace planning. 
  • Introduce novelties and smart technologies to deliver on-going improvements in life modernism. 
  • Make sure the portfolio of the event maintains the appropriate mix of growth and profit generation
  • Make available open talk sessions to engage the workspace community with key opinion leaders and to exchange ideas revolving around improving the workspace matrix.
  • Encourage innovators to present their solutions to the challenges of workspace business in Egypt.
  • Promote “Networking” between all parties involved in the workspace ​projects & business. 
  • Highlight the immense role of workspace in modern lives.
  • Organize seminars & workshops involving decision-makers in order to come up with the finest solutions and suggestions to enhance workspace business performance.
  • Enrich the Egyptian workspace sector with the communication it needs, as well as the exchange of thoughts